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Hello everyone.

My name is Chris and I am the English teacher for the Preschool advanced, Kinder, After school, and Fun together classes. I have been with Creative Friends since February of this year and so far it has been a great experience. Getting to know the children has been enjoyable and watching them learn and apply the English they have learnt so far is very rewarding. As they have built up their confidence and become more familiar to use their language skills, I can definitely see an improvement in the use of vocabulary, pronunciation, and general speech and writing skills.

While it has been a challenge for me to adjust to life in Japan, coming to Creative Friends and interacting with the children has been something for me to look forward to. When the children arrive for their class and I ask how they are or how their day has been, it's great to hear the positive responses and the enthusiasm in them applying what they have learnt. As the children get older, there is a define change in how they interact with the teachers and also with each other. In the Kinder and After school classes I have observed a level of cooperation with the students as they share items in creative time before class It is interesting to watch and interact with the children from the different age groups. The kids in the Fun Together classes on Thursday mornings are infant and toddlers, so they tend to be focused on what their attention is on at one particular moment. It can be quite a challenge to get them engaged in the activities that have been arranged for them. The one exception is art time. When the crayons, paint and paper come out onto the table, everyone races to their chairs to join in and make a big fun mess! You can really see their imaginations run wild.

starts and during the lesson in art time and where the students have interacts such as role play They enjoy cooperating and a re generally keen to help the teachers and each other when setting up the tables and chairs or cleaning up.

I have found that music and dance has a big impact on the classes and especially in the Preschool Advanced class where I noticed the children singing the words to the song before the song is played.

As a father of two young children (3.5 years and 20 months) my experiences in Creative Friends has given me realizations about my own parenting and how my children learn. How kids react to different communication methods as in speech, gesturing and body movement, and visual stimulation is interesting. All children are unique in how they process the information they are being taught. The teachers and parents job is how to find the best way that our children learn and encourage this.

All the children I have had the privilege to teach are enthusiastic and enjoyable to be around. I hope to see them all grow and enjoy the learning experience and their time at Creative Friends is positive that they have fond memories of in the future.








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