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Hello everyone. I’m Martin. I have been with Creative Friends since the beginning of this year, and I can say it has been an incredible experience teaching the kids. I currently teach Kinder and After Advance classes, and so far I am thoroughly impressed by what I have seen. It’s quite easy to see how much they have improved their language skills, and in turn, the confidence they have in using those skills in many of our conversations. That, by itself is already quite a reward. The children in After Advance quickly pick up words. I admire the fact that they really love to challenge themselves. They frequently ask questions and often try to use new words that they learn from conversations. Being a student myself, it is inspiring to see their level enthusiasm in learning. The progress I have seen since my first day with them is undeniably amazing. Kinder classes are just as lively and interesting in their own way. The kids in the class are incredibly energetic and bright. I am in awe at how quickly they learn and how much they enjoy learning. They love sharing their thoughts and ideas, either by speaking, writing, drawing or gestures. It really makes me happy to see them overflowing with creativity. In fact, I can say I’ve learned quite a lot from them as well. The experiences I have had with the children are really worth more than a thousand words. I can say that the classes are among the things I look forward to every week. They’ve progressed and improved at an impressive pace, and they’re enthusiasm and energy have been great all throughout the months since I started. It’s not hard to believe that they will grow to be amazing people in the future.








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